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My name is Mariella Marfori. My siblings and I are currently working on a service project that we have created called Smiles for Miles. Our goal is to provide educational materials, toothbrushes, dental floss, and toothpaste to 1,595 students of Calauan Central Elementary School in the Philippines. May we ask your help to achieve this goal?

Recent statistics from the Republic of the Philippines Dept. of Health reported that 97.1% of six-year-old children suffer from tooth decay. Oral healthcare is limited, and generally only addresses pain relief or emergency care. In memory of our late grandfather, we would like to reach out to the kids of his former elementary school, and teach them the importance of preventive dental care.

Our Inspiration.  Since my siblings and I were we were young kids, our grandmother has always held Calauan Central Elementary School close to her heart. It is the school that our late grandfather attended when he was just a boy. Whenever our grandmother would visit us, she would always ask to have our old books. She would take them back to her home, slowly collecting enough to fill a big box, then she would ship them over 10,000 miles away to this school in Calauan, Laguna in the Philippines. Now that we are older, we have decided that it is our turn to make a difference, too.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” With our parents’ help, we have decided to continue our grandmother’s legacy of helping the students of Calauan Central Elementary School by teaching them about the importance of taking care their teeth. Our goal is to to be able to raise funds and product donations to be able to provide toothbrushes, tooth paste, dental floss and educational booklets and videos about dental care and hygiene to 1,595 students at Calauan Central Elementary School. We plan to ship these items via a freight forwarding company directly to the school before the end of the current school year, which concludes March 2014.  

We appreciate any contributions that you can make. And please feel free to share this site with others! http://smilesformiles.mydagsite.com/


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